5 Fun Ways to Get Fit in 2016 Without a Gym Membership

Now the festive season is over and we've finished consuming our bodyweight in pigs in blankets, mulled wine and Iceland filo prawns, in comes a month of blood, sweat and mostly tears (why are burpees so horrid :'( ) trying to shift the little extra timber picked up over indulgent December.

Plenty of us use also the new year as an opportunity to make a change and do more exercise - research shows 68% of brits make a resolution in January to get fit, but over a third of those will have quit by the end of January. Why? Well, let's face it, the gym is intimidating, expensive (especially post-christmas) and really boring!

So how can I get fit for 2016 without setting foot in a gym and actually having fun? Put down the dumbbells girl, here are a few ideas that'll have you actually looking forward to exercising whilst creating a stronger, healthier you this year!

Pole Dancing
This formerly saucy sport has massively grown in popularity and recognition due to its amazing workout for your core and upper body. Beginner classes run all over London for as little as £100 for a six week course - you'll be spinning upside down in no time with some killer abs to match.

Whether you can throw a pretty neat cartwheel or can just about do a roly-poly, there are loads of adult gymnastics classes around London that cater for all abilities. Gymnastics is a great all round workout that improves body control and teaches you cool flips and tricks - totally Instagram-worthy ;-). East London Gymnastics Club (Beckton, DLR) runs taught sessions on Thursday evenings, Saturday and Sunday for £10, or if you'd rather do your own thing, there are freestyle sessions on every night for £6.
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Bouldering is all the fun of climbing walls with a bit less height and without the faff of harnesses. While improving your upper body strength, bouldering also utilises your core and lower body if you're worried about having weaker arms. Arch Climbing Wall (Bermondsey, Jubilee line) runs hour-long introductory sessions for £20 (which includes shoe hire and chalk) to help you find your feet (pun intended), from then on you can turn up and climb for however long you like for £10.

Embrace your inner kid by visiting Oxygen Trampoline Park (Acton Town, Piccadilly & District lines) - this warehouse of 150 connected trampolines is crazy amounts of fun and even has a pit of foam cubes to practice your front flips into. Sessions cost £12.50 for one hour and with bouncing burning as many calories in 10 minutes as 30 minutes of jogging, that definitely warrants a couple of leftover Bountys in the Celebrations tub...

Parkour (or freerunning as it's also known) involves leaping, flipping, jumping and climbing in the most effective way over obstacles, usually in an urban environment. Once again another awesome full body workout that can be done pretty much anywhere! Chainstore Parkour Academy, based in East London, runs indoor and outdoor parkour classes across London for all abilities for as little as £10 a session. If you're in need of some inspiration, check out amazing parkour girls Fizz Hood (Instagram: @fizzlewizz) and Katie McDonnell (Video below and Instagram: @katiemcdonnell) and also little me sitting on top of a bridge!

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